In The Church

Serve In The Church

We all have a special gift

At First Presbyterian Church, we believe it is important to acknowledge that each and every one of us has been created with a special gift. One of the best ways to discover those gifts and to honor God, is to serve in the church. By working to serve others, we create an opportunity to discover our likes, dislikes, strengths, and areas that need improvement. Regardless of your experience or current skill set, there is always a place for you to grow and let your light shine.

The Church Building

Our community home

Like any homeowner knows, there are responsibilities that come with owning property.  Our church building is a wonderful asset to us and the community, but it does require regular maintenance. The Facilities Commission is a great place to start if you are ready to serve.  Whether you are a retired contractor, a hobbyist, or one who has never held a hammer, we are always looking for a few good people to complete simple projects or gather bids from vendors.  If you can dial a phone, we can use your help!

Christian Education

We'd Love to have you

Christian Education is critical piece of what we offer at First Presbyterian Church. Without our dedicated team of Christian Education Commission volunteers, we would not be able to provide Bible studies, Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, or a Christmas pageant. Whether you are interested in teaching a small group, want to research curriculum, or have a special skill to offer (like sewing or cat herding), we’d love to have you!


Community & Global

The Community and Global Discipleship Commission is the place to start if your faith calls you to serve in your broader community. This group coordinates with outside agencies to meet the needs of others. Whether supporting a preschool in our building, an elementary school on our block, or a Christian day school in Kenya, we have many opportunities for you.  This commission serves to eradicate social injustice, homelessness, hunger, and so much more.


Plan and prepare refreshments

If hospitality is your passion, the Congregational Worship Life Commission may be for you.  This group of active volunteers help plan and prepare refreshments for fellowship hour, prepare the sanctuary, and recruit participants for worship services.  They are also the hosts for fun events like the All-Church Barbeque. Your service would be very welcome here!